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Xagħret Mewwija

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Spazju Kreattiv Theatre



We look outward from the tip of Senglea, and in front of us we imagine the garrigue habitat. We imagine the three months of the Great Siege, this rock tongue transformed into a nest for our enemies, swarming with camps, coloured tents, weapons and appalling blasphemy. When the Turks surrendered and left, they took everything with them. However, they left us their profane language, which remains too close to the heart of the Maltese. Here begins the narration of Xagħret Mewwija, a play which takes us on an intense journey through the design, the history, and the development of Valletta. And how do we know this? Ah, Dragut himself is our narrator! He died in our country, but his soul remained enslaved to us. He has seen everything, and he knows everything. He witnessed the Maltese uprising against the French… the British and the sailors roaming Strada Stretta. Poor soul: How he wishes he were not a ghost! He saw the Royal Opera House burn and collapse during the war… and he saw it become a roofless theatre. This theatrical piece combines myths with historical facts, all with an added dose of satire and humour.

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