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William Shakespeare’s Long Lost First Play

The Place

Theatre, St James Cavalier

Pjazza Kastilja, Pope Pius V Street, Il-Belt Valletta VLT 1030
Time and Date

20:00 - 21:45

A discovery in a Leicester car park in the UK some years ago (beside a lump of bones which appeared to have no great significance), was an antique manuscript which is now proven to have been William Shakespeare’s first theatrical piece. Work written by Shakespeare as a teenager of seventeen, was thought to have been lost without the hope of recovery. This manuscript is authentic. We are ready to swear upon it. Written by Shakespeare himself, we
meet various characters who the Bard would later use in his famed tragedies and comedies of his future. Here we also find celebrated monologues. As it would take around one hundred hours to perform the entire manuscript, this performance will depict highlights from the text confined to a 90-minute performance. An eternal battle between the wizard Puck and the spectral Ariel to see who is the most troublesome of the two. Lady Macbeth marries Hamlet, Viola marries Richard the III, King Lear raises the three weird sisters from Macbeth, and obviously Juliet falls in love with Dromio. All this may seem fine enough, but why is there sudden appearances from Professor Snape and Peter Pan? And how does Walt Disney figure into the plot?

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