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Science in the City

The Place

Palazz tal-President Courtyard

Republic Street, Valletta

7pm - 12am

Imagine the excitement and entertainment of a whole festival squeezed into one area! Science in the City will be bringing larger than life artworks, experiments, and a racing car.  And if that’s not reason enough for you to join us, we’re also going to have colourful hedgehogs, fish, and birds, all from Malta’s natural world, a free carpooling app that intends to cut Malta’s traffic, a giant computer mouse that people can move called Pushing the Mouse and, with Reframing Carbon, people can use their own body to activate a light artwork! And if that’s still not enough, come join us at the Triton Fountain and see the fourth triton come to life with the use of augmented reality technology.

During the night of Science in the City, talented artists and researcher from Malta and Vienna presented three great installations, blending art and science together. The installations will be making a special appearance at Notte Bianca.


Pushing the mouse

Most of us in modern society are pushing mice for a living. This project will change the way we view our daily interaction with a computer mouse, the work it entails and role it plays in our lives, by pushing a human-sized version.



Michael Bachhofer  and Stefan Resch


Marthese Borg (Department of Cognitive Sciences, MAKS, University of Malta)



ForToni is an augmented reality public sculpture that the audience can access through their smart devices. This project blends data generated through scientific research together with cutting-edge technology in computer sciences, for an innovative take on the concept of what should a contemporary public monument look like.



Matthew Attard and Matthew Galea


Dr Vanesssa Camilleri (Department of Artificial Intelligence, Faculty of ICT, University of Malta)

Professor Ian Thrornton (Department of Cognitive Sciences, MAKS, University of Malta)


Reframing Carbon

Reframing Carbon follows human history through their past, present and future. The art work takes research showing this journey of carbon from an archaeological, morphological and ecological perspective. The visitors are the trigger for this journey, they activate and make the artwork possible through their body weight.



Matthew Galea, Matthew Attard

Researcher: Vanessa Camilleri

Project chairman: Univ. -Prof. Vince Biffa


The installations are part of Valletta 2018 Programme and were organized by Valletta 2018, University of Malta and University of Applied Arts Vienna.

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