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Our Lady of Victory Church

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The Church of Our Lady of Victory, the first church and first building in Valletta, was built in 1566 by Grand Master Jean Parisot de Vallette in thanksgiving for the victory of the Order of St. John and the Maltese over the Ottoman invaders.   The Great Siege ended on 8 September 1565 and the church is dedicated to the Nativity of the Virgin whose birth is celebrated on the same day. Grand Master de Vallette prayed here daily and was buried in this church as he so had willed.  The Order continued to endow it with important artistic treasures.   In 1716, Grand Master Perellos commissioned the magnificent vault paintings of the Life of the Virgin to the Maltese artist, Alessio Erardi. Its splendid baroque façade was added in 1752 by Grand Master Pinto. 

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