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Il-Berġa tal-Flamenco

The Place

Auberge D’Aragon


7pm - 12am

What could be better than watching Flamenco artists perform to live music by one guitarist? The answer is to watch them perform to live music by over 40 guitarists, a feat that we might go out on a limb to suppose has not been done before. Perhaps not even in Spain! Two 30-minute shows, alternating all night so you can watch both of them back to back. Alegria Dance Company will perform to a live set by the Big Guitar Band. The other show sees guitarists Franco Tartaglia and William Bellia will accompany Deborah Falzon in an amalgamation of music spanning three cultures – now that’s what we call fusion!

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About Notte Bianca

Notte Bianca is Malta’s biggest annual arts and culture festival. For one special night every October, Notte Bianca lights up the Valletta cityscape with a spectacular celebration that is open to the public free of charge.

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